About O.L. Shepp

Short Stories, recipes and cowboy lore

Short Stories, recipes and cowboy lore

My hard drive is full of word-documents.  I couldn’t possibly find one to post for my ego.  Hence, I write.  And I write a lot.  Some of what is mere, crap! (Thank you Hemingway!)

Hopefully, I won’t bore you with the later.  I write because I love to write.  Not to pay the bills.

The boring tidbits: I am a mom, (a good mom when I’m not confined in close quarters with the trolls), I ranch in Northern Wyoming (which gives me a grandiose sense of humor), I’m a rotten at spelling and a romantic. (Contrary to my writing.)

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I write about life, people and sometime a horse or two. I post weekly, occasionally throwing in a splash of my work in progress here on The Comedy Of A Cowgirl and here on Cooking For Cowboys.com.

I am polishing up my latest middle-grade fiction novel, “Big Horn Catchmequick,” about a young lady, a disfigured horse and their passion to win.  Be watching for updates on twitter.

My writing is not all about horses, thank God!

I continue stretching my writing muscles and am comfortable writing across multiple genres: middle-grade fiction, historical fiction and nonfiction.  More of my writing prompts are witnessed on my videos on YouTube.

I never intended to make anyone laugh while reading my work.  The humor is there, though, however serious I am, nor how serious the topic that I choose to tackle.  My work often becomes a laughing-matter once I get my pen involved.

Time and again, my serious prose takes a circus-like detour before completion. (I cannot prevent this no matter what music I play in the background.)

 comic relief (uncountable)-  1. (narratology) The inclusion of a humorous character or scene or witty dialog in an otherwise serious work, often to relieve tension.